third day realization


so… I’m really new at this stuff and I’m a really goo procrastinator.. so.. I might not post anything like everyday.

anyway, so.. this blog is mostly about me moving on through my last days of high school and going through college, my friends, family and Adam.

I met him 2 years ago. Liked him ever since he said that I didn’t know anything about him. He’s my wonderwall, skinny love and infatuation. That’s all gonna end soon. I hope it’ll end for the best.

so again about this blog, erhhmm… yeah, so, it’s gonna be like my diary and memory blog for me and I actually want to write something, like a novel.. but, I doubt that tho.. I might write poems tho.. and I will try my very best to write daily. This isn’t my laptop but I hope and wish and pray that I will have one as a graduation gift(fingers crossed).

About the title:

today, I realized that because I REALLY HATE MY PENMANSHIP and IT SUCKS, I should just come up with a blog instead of handwriting it. Also, i am keen on memories for i get nostalgic quite often and hate myself if i tend to forget important happenings.

If you want to follow through my life, I will try my best to tell all of you as precise and understandable as possible, if I fail, remember that my first intention was to create this mainly for me, so.. hater’s goin’ hate, i decide my fate.



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