Every day, we think. That’s the only thing constant in our life as humans. That’s basically the ONLY thing we do.

You talk, you think, you write, you think, you’re bored, you think, even when you pee, you think.

I always ride a jeepney to school and it was a sun shiny day today. I don’t really know why but I cherish the thoughts I think when I ride a vehicle to some place or destination. I really tend to enjoy the journey and when I know I’m near my destination, i tend to become saddened.

Let me just cut the crap. It was Monday okay. And like most of the entire 8 billion of the whole population of this world absolutely HATE MONDAYS.

But honestly though. Think about it. We’re always thinking and no matter what we will still be thinking. Like, by the time we wake up til we sleep. We think. It sort of fascinates me how a mind can actually process a thought to a dream, a prediction, a being, a word, and a possibility. It also scares me how some tend to process too much of a negative or a positive thought. Like for instance, when one is excited, or laughing because of a joke, or enjoying sex, or basically daydreaming. A gazillion of cells are focusing on that basic emotion and when one tends to stick on that, he/she is perceived to be mad. Or like for instance, when someone says no, or you got a bruise, or you don’t want to do this, or that. You’re sad and then you think of other things or reasons why you’re sad and then just hate everything til you go the limit and get depressed. One way or the other. The human mind is capable of those emotions and I, personally think, or suggest, perhaps, that every single one of us are capable to do that. All we need to do is focus, balance and ease ourselves to what is and what should be. We should also be contented on what we have. But then, that’s boring isn’t it?

This whole thing makes no sense. Yet, I hope it made you think something. Dear reader, thank you for reading.


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