I’m one of those people who skips either breakfast or lunch entirely so that i can have brunch. Today, i skipped the latter

As i went home from buying lunch for my aunt, who could not skip any meal, my mom opened up a bucket-formerly filled up with cookies and knickknacks of the same brand- that had different kinds of brands. One of them was my, all time favorite(everyone’s all time fave) OREOOOOS. It had been too long ever since i ate a piece and savored its flavor. So, i got 2 packets.

Something tragic happened when i opened them up. I looked at the precious pieces and saw that… THEY ALL GOT SMALLER.

Right then and there, i realized that almost everything got smaller. Almost every knickknack that is. Chips, biscuits, cupcakes, chocolates, OREOS, etc.

I had a mix of emotions about this.

At first i thought: welp. They’re helping on my quest on fulfilling my diet i guess. But then as i thought more. Its just the very basic of the source of our problem about everything here. Economy.

I live in the Philippines. Yes, economically speaking, its getting better. But about everything else? Its not. The truth is, everyone here is hungry for money, even our leaders. Its the only reason why too many people here are jobless and living homeless. Street people don’t accept food from you, they throw it away because there’s a whole lot more from where that came from, the whole city is a buffet! They accept money. When you give what you can, like, a peso, they get mad at you and curse you. Jeepney drivers break road rules just to get passengers, and when you pay, you need to pay the exact amount, and when you do, they wont let you down unless they’re certain you did. And when you don’t know how much to pay, they lie and charge you more than the usual. Reversely, the passengers lie. Some don’t even bother to pay because they’ve already tricked the driver saying that they already did. Traffic enforcers charge less educated drivers based on what they’re wearing even though its not even included in the law. Prices get bigger as products get smaller. In this world right now, as i have observed people starve for money, and thirst for cash. Not to mention our city’s election is coming up. It’ll be a buffet of who gives more bills rather than who’ll give the best service for the country.

All of those wont change unless the leaders will. Our country is rich with natural resources. Yet all it wants is more money.

They country is on a diet so that the leaders can save their own money for their very selves. Greed is a sin. It is morally hurting the one who has it and the ones who don’t.

Welp. On the funny side, the smaller the knickknacks get, it still wont help my diet. Damn.


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