Every day, we think. That’s the only thing constant in our life as humans. That’s basically the ONLY thing we do. You talk, you think, you write, you think, you’re bored, you think, even when you pee, you think. I always ride a jeepney to school and it was a sun shiny day today. I […]


Hey I may not recall the names of some people because either I completely forgot, or I just don’t feel like mentioning their names.. Bare with me here because this is long and might get quite boring. Lets start at where I can remember: I had my last prom and had a sleep over with […]

third day realization

Hi so… I’m really new at this stuff and I’m a really goo procrastinator.. so.. I might not post anything like everyday. anyway, so.. this blog is mostly about me moving on through my last days of high school and going through college, my friends, family and Adam. I met him 2 years ago. Liked him […]